Sunday, November 14, 2010

Playoff Picture

And yes, I realize most people know by now who's one, who played in what bracket, but these posts are really for next year when people look back and want to know what happened in these games.

All righty, so with the way the teams finished up this afternoon, 3-0 China Syndrome would face 2-1 Schrock rOn! in the 1st place game. If you recall, last year, China Syndrome (nee Goannas) defeated Schrock rOn! (nee Schrock On!) in the regular pool, but lost in the finals. Would the outcome be different this year?

2010 Playoffs were pretty much identical to 2009 playoffs. The key difference was that there was no 3rd place game last year.

Big game ahead on Sunday, and I don't mean the Patriots-Steelers game.

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