Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 2, Game 5: Strange Brew vs China Syndrome

2-0 China Syndrome faced off against the 0-2 Strange Brew team for game 5 of the tournament. In their last game, China Syndrome scored 6 goals, while Strange brew had netted only 3 goals in their two games. Look out Strange Brew.

Surprise, surprise when 45 seconds into the first period, Ike Montes (assisted by Tommy Walsh) scored a quick goal on Marco. Not to be outdone by Strange Brew, China Syndrome ripped into action with a goal 50 second later. First year Shuley Cupper Jordan Marton stuffed one in the net. Mary Harding and Chris Peterson added to their points column with their assists on this goal. It's a 1-1 game. For the rest of the period, Strange Brew did a great job silencing China Syndrome. With just under a minute to go in the first, Scott Parkin put his name on the scoreboard with assits by Ike Montes and Liz Young. Exciting way to finish the first? Don't get your hopes up, it gets better. Captain Ken scored an unassisted goal just as the buzzer was about to ring. 2-2.

The second period was a tension filled game as neither team seemed able to find the net. At 3:30 left in the 2nd, Strange Brew took the lead again with Jon Gais' goal. Tommy Walsh netted his second point of the game with an assist. Could Strange Brew hold their 3rd lead? Once again, China Syndrome responded as #13 Matty St Hilaire scored a goal with just 1:20 left in the period (assisted by Mary and Melissa). By the end of the second, both teams are once again tied: 3-3.

It was hard to say how the third period would play out. Strange Brew had held the lead three different times; China Syndrome had yet to jump out ahead, but they did just that in the 3rd when Captain Ken took a pass from Corrie Hulten to score the team's 4th. Unfortunately for Strange Brew, they were unable to muster another goal, so for the final 10 minutes of the game, both teams were held scoreless.Final Score, 4-3, China Syndrome.

China Syndrome would move into the 1st/2nd place game with a 3-0 record. Strange Brew would play for 3rd place bragging rights on Sunday.

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