Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Oh and we've reached $5000 barrier because of two matches... NEW RECORD FOR SHULEY CUP!!!

2011: $4400 ($3000 w/o matches)

2010: $2300

That is over $11000 donated in 3 years. WOO HOO!!!

Thank you!

Please take the time to read this -- there's a lot of work that goes into putting together the Shuley Cup so I have to make sure that credit is given where it is due:

First -- to the PLAYERS!!!!! We couldn't have a tournament without the 44 of you. Special thanks goes to those who traveled by plane, flew across the pond, crossed state lines, brought your toddler and family, etc. We truly love your dedication and hope you come back for the 2013 Shuley Cup! Thank you also to the FANS!! We had more fans this year than ever before.

MELISSA PARKIN -- my right hand person. Helps with decision making, fact checking, planning, logistics, you name it. She was instrumental in helping SNCF become a 501(c)(3). She also was responsible for Fri and Sat post hockey game festivities. It's an amazing thing to be able to share responsibilities with someone and feel comfortable about it.

CAPTAINS PAUL HUXEL, RON SWINNICH, MATT ST. HILAIRE, & KEN SCHROCK. These guys are not only amazing hockey players, they are standup guys and people I am proud to have represent Shuley Cup. When I first started thinking about the Shuley Cup, one of the important features was assigning captains who would not forget the purpose of the tournament (have fun!) and would help keep their teams motivated and inspired. These four guys are perfect captains and I am honored that they have accepted their roles willingly.

SNCF Board: MELISSA PARKIN, SCOTT PARKIN, MICAH ADLER, JORDAN MARTON. Melissa and Scott were instrumental with the 501(c)(3) process - we are almost there!! It was Micah's vision after the inaugural cup that has turned this tournament into a charitable event. Jordan joined the board this past year and put in several hours into the tournament running the very successful Fantasy Shuley Cup pool.

CHRIS PETERSON who has created the Shuley Cup Crests the last three years and also designed the SNCF logo that is featured on the key chain. I don't give him much time to come up with concepts but he comes up with creative crests that people associate with the tournament and each team.

Our tournament photographer JAE ROH who gives up his entire weekend every year for the Shuley Cup and takes phenomenal pictures that instantly become players' Facebook profile photos. :) Jae also captured the infamous "naked guys" photo that will be talked about for years to come.

DENNIS MARK for creation of the Shuley Cup website. Wonder why the stats were updated so quickly? You have to thank Dennis for his skills -- he makes data entry quick and easy. He also updated the Awards database for easy/quick entry.

MARK FOLEY and SCOTT MULCAHEY are our beloved men in stripes. We love these guys whether they're in stripes or not and they've been here since the beginning. I was very proud to hear that they did not take Commissioner Jordan's any bribes prior to the tournament. Thanks for being so upstanding guys!

JOHN and CAMERON MULCAHEY for scorekeeping and running the clock. Thanks for letting me actually watch the games this year!

LA HACIENDA (Frank) for letting us bring our 50 players, fans and family to eat, imbibe, and have a good time on Friday night. The food was fantastic, the venue perfect.

ATWOOD'S TAVERN (Patrick) for providing a great bar scene on Saturday night for us to chill out, drink premium beers, and munch on tasty appetizers. Thanks for working with us to accommodate our tournament players!

RON CREAMER (PAGEWORKS) for printing our tournament literature from our annual program to the Eizy Times insert.

RYAN EISENBERG for stepping up and helping Paul Huxel with the Platypus Avengers team, but also for team bio writeups and the amazing Eizy Times article.

Last but not least:
IKE MONTES (BOSTON AUTO DESIGN) -- Remote starter & installation
IKE MONTES -- Framed Bruins memorabilia
BOKX 109 (MIKE VARGAS) -- $100 gift card
BOBBY QUINN -- $200 House cleaning
ROBIN OF TAGLIO SALON -- hair cut and blow dry
SPORTSWASH (MIKE MELISI) - two sports wash gift cards
ROBIN LUBBOCK -- two iTunes gift cards
STEVE O'CONNOR -- making sure our players' skates were in tip top shape
PULSE PRODUCTS -- 2 2012 Shuley Cup Hockey Mats
MELISSA PARKIN & JORDAN MARTON -- Pair of Bruins tickets, Signed Bruins T-shirt
KEVIN DONAHUE -- lunch at Google
RON SWINNICH, SHULEY NAKAMURA -- signed Bruins calendar, pair of Yankees @Red Sox tickets, 2013 Shuley Cup entry fee, 10 Wed hockey skates, whiskey stones

Shuley Cup Awards - The Unabridged Version

For the abridged version, go to the Shuley Cup link:

This year's Shuley Award goes to Paul Huxel. Pauly went through a rigorous training program in Japan to prepare for the 2012 Shuley Cup and it certainly paid off. We hope he shares his trade secrets with everyone. We would like to congratulate Captain Pauly for crafting together not only a championship team but for promoting camaraderie among his players. Note, Pauly did not get this award for gifting Shuley with a  Platypi t-shirt.

The Swinny Award was presented to Ike Montes for his unbelievable performance in the Shuley Cup -- his six assists and nine points led the tournament. The Swinny award is given to the team player who is a playmaker and support player and this year, no one was more deserving than our very own Ike.

There was no question who would receive the Denny Award -- Julian Chu's game winning goal in the 3rd period of the Championship was essential to the Avengers' success. Who knows how the game would have ended? Shoot out?

The Eizy award was also a no-brainer. Bobby Quinn plays with heart and passion and usually shows up on the scoresheet in the scoring and PIM columns. This year however, Bobby Quinn played a clean game and did not accrue any PIMs during any of the 4 games he played.

Finnish sensation Tuomas Yrjola who was a sleeper pick in the Shuley Cup draft earned the offensive Platypus Award for his 7 goals (9 pts) -- a few of them which were breakaway goals. Fantasy owners of Tuomas would also like to thank him for his performance but realize that his salary will probably jump by tens of thousands of dollars next year.

The Schrocky Award (for defensive forward) was presented to a forward who was forced asked to play defense for the Avengers, Micah Adler. Micah held the blue line, protected his goalie and put up 4 points in the tournament.

The Nuge Award for best defensemen went to one of the bearded D on the Playtpus Avengers, Chris Peterson. Chris is not only a phenomenal artist. He also made sure goalie Tommy saw as few shots as possible, helped keep the crease clear of troublemakers, and even made a flying leap and catch to keep the puck in the zone on point. Nice work Chris!

Scott Parkin doubled his Creamer Award bobblehead count by taking it in back-to-back years, a first for Shuley Cup awards. Scott's rushes up the ice to stir up the offense on Rando Babos while still hustling back to cover the defensive zone warranted him this award.

Matty's award went to the spitfire Kevin Lane. Known for his explosive speed, his determination to never give up, his snipey, rapid shots and who couldn't forget his 5 goals -- one of which was a thrilling power play goal.

Fantasy Shuley Cup Awards:
Top Finisher was Adam Stober with a second place finish by Commish Jordan.. nothing fishy there.
Ike Montes was knocked out of second and took home 3rd.
At the very bottom of the pack, Olivia Parkin took home the "I try my best" ribbon for putting in great effort but for little no results.
And the "I like Myself" award went to Rich Lean -- for being picked the most by the fantasy team.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Shuley Cup Finals

2012 Shuley Cup Champions are the Platypus Avengers.

Their story to the top is one to behold. After Pauly's team narrowly missed the finals in 2011 and finished last for the 3rd time -- we weren't sure what 2012 would bring. Going into their 3rd game against Legion of Doom on Saturday night, the Avengers were 2-0 with goalie Tommy Walsh playing like a 2011 MVP. They were certainly looking like the team to beat. 3 periods later, the team in white skated off after having given up 8 goals. No one is sure if the this 8-1 game was a ploy to give the Legion of Doom a false sense of security and confidence. By all accounts, it seemed like Captain Ron would repeat and take home the Cup on Sunday.

The championship game was fast and furious. The first period featured two evenly matched teams. Legion of Doom, known for its combination of stellar defense and strong offense versus Platypus Avengers, known for their insane offensive prowess. In the first period, with 50 seconds remaining sixth round pick and Finnish sensation, Tuomas Yrjola, scored the first goal of the game. 1-0, Legion of Doom.
Then, early in the second period, Mike Kunelius of the Platypus Avengers tied up the game, but three quick minutes later Nick Mantia with help from his linemates Tuomas and Kevin, regained the lead with a solid shot that landed the puck in the back of the net. A short while later, Tuomas got his second of the night making the score 3-1. Things were looking good for Legion of Doom but as most of you hockey players know, a 2 goal lead is one of the most precarious leads to hang onto. The two goal differential re-awoke the Avengers and released the inner Platypi! Kunelius (assisted by Micah) struck again to bring it within 1 goal. Then, as  we passed the "one minute left in the period" mark, Tony Nichol tied up the game setting up the greatest showdown in Shuley Cup history.

The Avengers began the 3rd period with a Parkin penalty but they made their kill look more like a man advantage power play. The Legion of Doom, gassed perhaps from scoring 8 goals the previous night, started slowing down and backing off on their forechecking. At 7:40 left in the period, Paul Huxel took a shot from point and Julian Chu tipped it past Paul Frere for what would become the game winning goal. The Avengers did not slow down or give up. As the clock wound down, Legion of Doom pulled their keeper but to no avail as the Platypus Avengers locked in the game with an empty netter. Congratulations Platypus Avengers!

Scoring Summary
1st period
Legion of Doom0:50 Tuomas Yrjola (John Durant)
2nd period
Platypus Avengers9:23 Mike Kunelius (Tony Nichol)
Legion of Doom6:29 Nick Mantia (Tuomas Yrjola, Kevin Lane)
Legion of Doom4:42 Tuomas Yrjola (John Durant, Ike Montes)
Platypus Avengers3:18 Mike Kunelius (Micah Adler)
Platypus Avengers0:56 Tony Nichol (Mike Kunelius)
3rd period
Platypus Avengers7:40 Julian Chu (Paul Huxel)
Platypus Avengers0:30 Tony Nichol (empty net)

Platypus Avengers0325
Legion of Doom1203

2012 Raffle Winners

Thank you to everyone who solicited or donated items for the Shuley Cup Raffle!!! Second, thank you to those of you who bought raffle tickets!! Congratulations to the winners below!