Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 2, Game 6: Schrock rOn! vs All Finnish

Talk about game of the century -- here were teams, both 1-1, fighting for a spot in the finals. We had the rock-steady Schrock rOn! team versus the high-octane All Finnish team. Drum roll please!

So how did the game start? Well, first period was spent shutting down the offense on both sides. The scoring line of Roman/Mike/Tony was quiet as was Bobby/Dennis/Eric. The most exciting play of the first was most likely Roman getting a breakaway and then crashing into Regina and knocking the net off its posts. Excellent effort Roman. Way to step up.

A game with Schrock rOn! = a game with penalties (perhaps their 2011 team name should be The Chiefs?) therefore was Bobby's penalty with 3 second left in the first a surprise? No. Bobby got a roughing call. Not too happy with the officials, Bobby expressed his frustration and anger with them, while his captain Ryan stood by smiling in the background (at least that's how it looked from the scorekeeper's booth). Nevertheless, we scorekeepers were amused. No games misconducts were handed out this time.

The second period opened with All Finnish with the man-advantage as Bobby sulked in the box. Schrock rOn! successfully killed the penalty and then took charge of the period. Captain Eizy decided to take the game into his own hands and scored a goal mid-period. 1-0 Schrock rOn! Ben Tillson decided that one penalty would simply not be enough for Schrock rOn! so he hooked an All Finnish player for his 2 minutes of shame in the box. Once again, All Finnish was unable to capitalize on the man-advantage. With about a minute left to go, Ryan added another point to his stats when he got an assist on Bryan Marble's goal. 2-0.

The last period fast and furious as All Finnish tried to add goals on the scoreboard and Schrock rOn! tried to protects its two goal lead. As the clock ticked down into the final minutes, you could cut the tension in the rink with a knife. In the last minute of the 3rd period, the puck was dropped in Schrock rOn's zone and a skirmish erupted with the end result being a goal scored by David Finocchio. Julian Chu notched another point in the tournament with Captain Paul starting the play. No shutout today.

Final Score: 2-1, Schrock rOn!

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