Sunday, November 14, 2010

Awards Breakdown + Charity

I'm not really sure why I'm still awake but I wanted to wrap all this up so people know on Monday morning how the weekend turned out.

Congrats to ALL Shuley Cup Players! Here is how the tournament ended:
  • Champions: China Syndrome [Captains Ken Schrock and Matty St. Hilaire]
  • 2nd Place: Schrock rOn! [Captain Ryan Eisenberg]
  • 3rd Place: Strange Brew [Captain Ron Swinnich]
  • 4th Place: All Finnish [Captain Pauly Huxel]

First off.. BIG thank you's to
  • All my captains: Ron Swinnich, Ryan Eisenberg, Ken Schrock, Paul Huxel, Matt St. Hilaire. You guys were so dependable and awesome.
  • Thank you to everyone who got me the awesome SI Hockey Book and Gift cards to my favorite sushi places!!!
  • Jae Roh who let me hog his entire weekend to take photos of the Shuley Cup
  • Chris Peterson who came up with an amazing logo for the towel and improved on my logo (rally towel)
  • Ron Creamer/PageWorks who printed out the programs and the giant check
  • DK, Melissa, Denny, Pauly, SportsWash for their raffle donations
  • Denny/Ryan for their Awards/Team-Player bio writeups
Second.. we raised $2032 for charity!! The original plan was to give all the money to one charity, but we've raised more money than we thought we would, so now we'd like to donate to all 4 charities. We may be able to get a 100% match for the money we raised (new total would be $4064) so stay tuned.

Raffle Winners:
  • Julian Chu -- Red Sox RF Box tickets
  • Scott the Ref -- Red Sox RF Box tickets
  • DK - SportsWash
  • Byron Masi - Bruins tickets (Pauly's)
  • Steve O'Connor - Bruins Suite
  • Marco Solia - Red Sox 3rd Base tickets
Random Miscellaneous Awards:
  • SuperStar Award -- Marco Solia for the first ever shutout in Shuley Cup History
  • Missing Tooth Award -- Jon Gais for his diving play at the blue line as someone took a shot at his face (he had a cage on)
  • Potty Training Award -- Scott Parkin for time served in the penalty box
Bobble-head Awards
  • Shuley (MVP): Ken Schrock
  • Swinny (playmaker): Corrie Hulten
  • Denny (clutch player): Roman Chicz
  • Eizy (gentlemanly player): Andrew Rossi
  • Playtpus (offensive player): Tony Nichol
  • Schrocky (defensive offenseman): Jon Gais
  • Nuge (defense): John Durant
  • Creamer (offensive defenseman): Mary Harding
Random Tidbits
  • China Syndrome finished the tournament with a 4-0 record [a Shuley Cup first]
  • All the Parkins (including Jordan) have now been Shuley Cup Winners
  • Matty and Kieran are 2nd time champs
  • Marco gets credited with the first shutout in the history of the Shuley Cup
  • Players came not only from MA, but from NH, NY, NJ, CT
  • Every team had at least 1 win

    See you all next year!

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