Friday, November 5, 2010

2010 Charity Information

This year, Shuley Cup is giving back to the community. All proceeds will be donated to the charity chosen by the 2010 Championship Team.
To date, we have raised at least $600. We will be holding raffles for donated goods, accepting cash donations, and asking for company matches (one company has committed to matching anything raised beyond the initial $600, capped at $1000). Please check to learn more about Shuley Cup and to track the fundraising progress.

Marklund enriches the lives of those with special healthcare needs by honoring the unique purpose of each individual. Those served are able to enjoy a full and meaningful life supported by a compassionate, nurturing environment; a strong partnership with the community; and an unmatched dedication to personal growth.
The individuals Marklund serves come from various situations: some were born with disabilities due to complications during pregnancy and delivery, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, drug abuse, or genetic disorders. Others acquired disabilities during infancy or childhood through tragic but common accidents involving cars, bicycles, skateboards, swimming pools, garage doors, or guns.
Nearly all those served are non-ambulatory and have severe cognitive deficits. Most also have complex medical problems that require 24-hour skilled nursing care.

China Syndrome (Ken Schrock and Matt St. Hilaire) – MICHAEL J FOX FOUNDATION FOR PARKINSON’S RESEARCH
  • MJFF is dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease through an aggressively funded research agenda.
  • Michael J. Fox is Canadian and thus loves the great sport of hockey.
  • MJFF is committed to ensuring the development of improved therapies for those living with Parkinson’s today.
  • $0.87 of every dollar donated goes directly to the MJFF mission.  (Crosby-like efficiency.)

Schrock rOn! (Ryan Eisenberg) – CAMP HORIZONS
The mission of Horizons is to provide high quality residential, recreational, support and work programs for people who are developmentally disabled or who have other challenging social and emotional needs.
Horizons recognizes that each PERSON is an individual with unique gifts and talents as well as special needs. They help maximize each person's ability to be more independent and to experience success. They create and manage PROGRAMS designed to help individuals learn and use new skills and experience self-fulfillment. Their programs provide a flow of meaningful, varied activities to promote choice, participation, relationships, and respect.
They provide a safe, supportive ENVIRONMENT for all program participants and staff.


Ronnie James Dio was a legendary heavy metal singer for BLACK SABBATH, HEAVEN & HELL, DIO, RAINBOW and ELF and died of stomach cancer on the morning of May 16, at the age of 67. The specific purpose of this corporation is primarily to provide free cancer screening programs and testing to the public regardless of any individual's ability to pay for same, to provide financial assistance to cancer patients who are burdened with the cost of health care. Additionally this corporation may engage in activities that are reasonably related to or in furtherance of its stated charitable purposes or in any other charitable activities.

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