Saturday, November 13, 2010

Night 1, Game 2: Shuley Cup 2010: Schrock rOn! vs China Syndrome

Billed as the marquis event of Shuley Cup 2010, the second game of Shuley Cup 2010 featured a re-match between the 1st and 2nd place teams. The magnitude of this game was on the level of the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry, the Bruins/Canadiens, you know what I mean.

Team China Syndrome, wearing fire engine red jerseys, may have been the underdog coming into this matchup. They lost two skaters to the IR due to injuries and illness, but by chance, Captain Ken's trip to China was postponed so he was able to rejoin his team and add his offensive/defensive prowess to his team.

Team Schrock rOn! had a familiar roster with many returning players from the Championship team. Missing was Matty St. Hilaire who left Schrock rOn! for China Syndrome to try his hand at team management. Wearing the championship blue from 2009, the players looked comfortable and ready for the re-match.

It didn't take long before Schrock rOn! reminded us of their penchant for penalties. They managed to rack up 4 minor penalties for the game, from 4 different individuals. Good job drafting goons Cap'n Eizy. Jared's 7' stick was accused of tripping in the first period. Payback is a b****. This penalty led to China Syndrome's power play goal in at 6:18. Schrock rOn! alum Matty St Hilaire notched a goal with help from another Sr alum Kieran Klehm and new Shuley Cup player Mary Harding. Nice way to work the power play kids. Later in the first, Bryan Marble was called for interference for the team's second penalty. This time around, the penalty kill was a success and no harm, no foul. By the end of the first, the score was 1-0, China Syndrome.

Second period was a bit of nailbiter. Sr responded with a goal in the 2nd period by Andrew Rossi with help from the Eizyman himself and Dave Lahr. (Thank you, my fantasy team is pleased.)  Ryan stepped up an notched his own penalty in the 2nd with a tripping call. He came about a hair length's close to getting thrown out of rink when he argued the call and protested with hands a waving. Once again, no harm no foul with this penalty. However, with a minute left in the 2nd period, Todd Parkin put himself on the board with assists from Jordan Parkin (ahem, Marton) and Chris Peterson. Good job guys. End of 2nd, 2-1 China Syndrome.

Now we've got a game! 3rd period was nerve-wracking to say the least. Schrock rOn's Bobby couldn't help but hook a guy and the team got its 4th minor penalty. Well, at least one thing stayed in common with last year's team. :) Perhaps Bobby remembered last year when he knocked Jeff Mysel into the boards, and his team erupted by scoring a SSG. Not this time.

China Syndrome's bench finally got a little warming up when Chris Peterson was thrown in for cross-checking. Perhaps he wanted a rest (short one skater) so he opted for the penalty? We will never know.

Schrock rOn's hopes of getting the W started to fade with with 1:31 left in the game Captain Schrock (after having been denied numerous times by outstanding saves from Reggie the goalie) finally scored on her with help from Mary Hun Harding and Melissa Nuge Parkin. The last minute was a frustrating one for Schrock rOn! who had a hard time controlling the puck and ultimately, the big W went to China Syndrome.,

Marco put up a great game, as expected, but still no shutout.

Final Score: 3-1, China Syndrome.

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