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Awards Breakdown + Charity

I'm not really sure why I'm still awake but I wanted to wrap all this up so people know on Monday morning how the weekend turned out.

Congrats to ALL Shuley Cup Players! Here is how the tournament ended:
  • Champions: China Syndrome [Captains Ken Schrock and Matty St. Hilaire]
  • 2nd Place: Schrock rOn! [Captain Ryan Eisenberg]
  • 3rd Place: Strange Brew [Captain Ron Swinnich]
  • 4th Place: All Finnish [Captain Pauly Huxel]

First off.. BIG thank you's to
  • All my captains: Ron Swinnich, Ryan Eisenberg, Ken Schrock, Paul Huxel, Matt St. Hilaire. You guys were so dependable and awesome.
  • Thank you to everyone who got me the awesome SI Hockey Book and Gift cards to my favorite sushi places!!!
  • Jae Roh who let me hog his entire weekend to take photos of the Shuley Cup
  • Chris Peterson who came up with an amazing logo for the towel and improved on my logo (rally towel)
  • Ron Creamer/PageWorks who printed out the programs and the giant check
  • DK, Melissa, Denny, Pauly, SportsWash for their raffle donations
  • Denny/Ryan for their Awards/Team-Player bio writeups
Second.. we raised $2032 for charity!! The original plan was to give all the money to one charity, but we've raised more money than we thought we would, so now we'd like to donate to all 4 charities. We may be able to get a 100% match for the money we raised (new total would be $4064) so stay tuned.

Raffle Winners:
  • Julian Chu -- Red Sox RF Box tickets
  • Scott the Ref -- Red Sox RF Box tickets
  • DK - SportsWash
  • Byron Masi - Bruins tickets (Pauly's)
  • Steve O'Connor - Bruins Suite
  • Marco Solia - Red Sox 3rd Base tickets
Random Miscellaneous Awards:
  • SuperStar Award -- Marco Solia for the first ever shutout in Shuley Cup History
  • Missing Tooth Award -- Jon Gais for his diving play at the blue line as someone took a shot at his face (he had a cage on)
  • Potty Training Award -- Scott Parkin for time served in the penalty box
Bobble-head Awards
  • Shuley (MVP): Ken Schrock
  • Swinny (playmaker): Corrie Hulten
  • Denny (clutch player): Roman Chicz
  • Eizy (gentlemanly player): Andrew Rossi
  • Playtpus (offensive player): Tony Nichol
  • Schrocky (defensive offenseman): Jon Gais
  • Nuge (defense): John Durant
  • Creamer (offensive defenseman): Mary Harding
Random Tidbits
  • China Syndrome finished the tournament with a 4-0 record [a Shuley Cup first]
  • All the Parkins (including Jordan) have now been Shuley Cup Winners
  • Matty and Kieran are 2nd time champs
  • Marco gets credited with the first shutout in the history of the Shuley Cup
  • Players came not only from MA, but from NH, NY, NJ, CT
  • Every team had at least 1 win

    See you all next year!

    Day 3, 1st Place Playoff Game: China Syndrome vs Schrock rOn!

    A year ago, Schrock rOn! raised the trophy against Goannas in the 1st place game. Who would win the cup this year?? Both teams looked ready to go as the puck was dropped on the ice.

    Did I say both teams looked ready? Scorekeeper was still filling out the scoresheets when she had to drop the pen to add Schrock rOn's penalty on the board. Just 16 seconds in and already a slashing call. Schrock rOn! (who by now had 7 penalties in the tournament so were pretty good at the kill) managed another successful kill. However, two minutes into the first, China Syndrome's Kieran made a nice pass up the ice to smiley Corrie Hulten who hustled to get the pass and took a nice wrister on Regina Sullivan. In the meantime, Kieran has trailed Corrie and whacked the rebound in for China Syndrome's first goal. China Syndrome kept goalie Regina Sullivan busy as they put the pressure on in the first period. 1-0, China Syndrome.

    The second period also started with a band as Ken Schrock added to his (fantasy) points with another goal. This play once again was started by Corrie Hulten (1st assist by Jordan). Ben Tillson took his frustration out by roughing up China Syndrome and was put in the box at 9:07 in the period. Bad Ben. Schrock rOn! generated some offense on the kill but was unable to score short-handed like they did yesterday afternoon. 2-0, China Syndrome.

    As the third period started, it was obvious Schrock rOn! had changed their lines to try to kick-start some offense. With only a 2 goal differential, it was anybody's game. The next goal would really change the tone of the game. As the minutes ticked by in the 3rd, it seemed more and more likely that Schrock rOn! would not repeat this year. At just under 4 minutes to go, Jordan scored a goal and assisted by none other than Corrie Hulten and Ken Schrock.

    At three minutes, there was a stoppage in play. Schrock rOn! called a timeout and at the next faceoff, pulled Regina from net, and put out a 6th man. The game got even more exciting as Schrock rOn! dominated and controlled the puck. So many chances to score, but none went past the goal line. Time and time again, it seemed like the puck would find the net, but no suck luck. With under 20 seconds left, China Syndrome took control of the puck and Todd Parkin found the empty net. Final Score: 4-0, China Syndrome.

    And with that, China Syndrome won the coveted Shuley Cup. Not only that, Marco Solia became the first goalie in the history of the Shuley Cup to post a shutout. Congratulations to both teams for an amazing effort. Also wanted to add, at one point, the scorekeeper looked into the stands and was pleased to see that it was full of cheering fans.Thank you fans for hanging out and cheering on your friends!

    Day 3, 3rd Place Playoff Game: Strange Brew vs All Finnish

    Shuley Cup 2010 started with these two teams playing each other where All Finnish dominated with a strong 4-1 finish. Both teams looked ready to go, but were missing some of their key offensive players. All Finnish's Captain Paul was hit hard with the flu and knocked flat off his feet by a fever of 103 and offense generator Mike Kunelius had to miss the playoff game due to prior obligations. On Strange Brew's team, Ike Montes, the hard shooting center, who started off the tournament ill, had to sit this game out due to a groin pull. With both teams missing their key offensive players, it would be an interesting game to watch.

    Similar to their first meeting, All Finnish made the first dent when Tony found the net with help from Dave Finocchio. Not to be left behind, Strange Brew responded over a minute later with Jon Gais tapping it in with some help from defensive superstar John Durant. The first period moved at a good pace with the puck constantly changing directions. 1-1.

    In the second, Tony again added another point all by himself it seemed seconds after the puck drop. How would Strange Brew respond? Not sure if this was a panic moment or not, but Captain Ron Swinnich used his patented backhanded flip move to throw the puck from his defensive end to just shy of the far blue line. Mark Rinaldi caught sight of this, turned the jets on and scored a beauty of a goal on Billy Lanzetta. Perhaps Mark needed a rest after this feat because 4 minutes later, I looked over and he was sitting beside me in the penalty box. Hello, Mark! No harm done with this penalty. It was a good kill and kept scorekeeper Emma (Strange Brew alum) on her toes. A few minutes later, Tony got a hat trick as he scored. Nick Mantia assisted on this goal. Not to be outdone by All Finnish, Strange Brew's Kevin Donahue took a slapper from point and scored moments later. 3-3. Boy was this exciting!! Seriously -- both benches were cheering like crazy, the fans were going wild, and the game looked like it could go either way. As the second period wound to a close, Jon Gais found the net again with a great pass from Liz Young with a play started by Mark Rinaldi. End of second period, 4-3, Strange Brew.

    Third period started off with a Strange Brew penalty for cross-checking by Scott Parkin. They successfully killed this and managed to keep All Finnish at bay. With only a 1 goal lead, Strange Brew tried to drum up more offense, while All Finnish tried to also generate more offense with bolder plays. With just over 2 minutes to go, David Kenney was put in the box for a slashing call. Seconds after the penalty ended, Tommy Walsh scored a goal with an assist from Scott Parkin. With 25 seconds left in the period, the pace was fast and furious, but Strange Brew was able to emerge victorious.

    Strange Brew garnered their first win of the tournament and 3rd place title. All Finnish played a valiant game and will be awarded with first round pick in the 2011 Shuley Cup Draft.

    Best wishes to Paul and Ike who were unable to play due to illness and injury.

    Playoff Picture

    And yes, I realize most people know by now who's one, who played in what bracket, but these posts are really for next year when people look back and want to know what happened in these games.

    All righty, so with the way the teams finished up this afternoon, 3-0 China Syndrome would face 2-1 Schrock rOn! in the 1st place game. If you recall, last year, China Syndrome (nee Goannas) defeated Schrock rOn! (nee Schrock On!) in the regular pool, but lost in the finals. Would the outcome be different this year?

    2010 Playoffs were pretty much identical to 2009 playoffs. The key difference was that there was no 3rd place game last year.

    Big game ahead on Sunday, and I don't mean the Patriots-Steelers game.

    Day 2, Game 6: Schrock rOn! vs All Finnish

    Talk about game of the century -- here were teams, both 1-1, fighting for a spot in the finals. We had the rock-steady Schrock rOn! team versus the high-octane All Finnish team. Drum roll please!

    So how did the game start? Well, first period was spent shutting down the offense on both sides. The scoring line of Roman/Mike/Tony was quiet as was Bobby/Dennis/Eric. The most exciting play of the first was most likely Roman getting a breakaway and then crashing into Regina and knocking the net off its posts. Excellent effort Roman. Way to step up.

    A game with Schrock rOn! = a game with penalties (perhaps their 2011 team name should be The Chiefs?) therefore was Bobby's penalty with 3 second left in the first a surprise? No. Bobby got a roughing call. Not too happy with the officials, Bobby expressed his frustration and anger with them, while his captain Ryan stood by smiling in the background (at least that's how it looked from the scorekeeper's booth). Nevertheless, we scorekeepers were amused. No games misconducts were handed out this time.

    The second period opened with All Finnish with the man-advantage as Bobby sulked in the box. Schrock rOn! successfully killed the penalty and then took charge of the period. Captain Eizy decided to take the game into his own hands and scored a goal mid-period. 1-0 Schrock rOn! Ben Tillson decided that one penalty would simply not be enough for Schrock rOn! so he hooked an All Finnish player for his 2 minutes of shame in the box. Once again, All Finnish was unable to capitalize on the man-advantage. With about a minute left to go, Ryan added another point to his stats when he got an assist on Bryan Marble's goal. 2-0.

    The last period fast and furious as All Finnish tried to add goals on the scoreboard and Schrock rOn! tried to protects its two goal lead. As the clock ticked down into the final minutes, you could cut the tension in the rink with a knife. In the last minute of the 3rd period, the puck was dropped in Schrock rOn's zone and a skirmish erupted with the end result being a goal scored by David Finocchio. Julian Chu notched another point in the tournament with Captain Paul starting the play. No shutout today.

    Final Score: 2-1, Schrock rOn!

    Day 2, Game 5: Strange Brew vs China Syndrome

    2-0 China Syndrome faced off against the 0-2 Strange Brew team for game 5 of the tournament. In their last game, China Syndrome scored 6 goals, while Strange brew had netted only 3 goals in their two games. Look out Strange Brew.

    Surprise, surprise when 45 seconds into the first period, Ike Montes (assisted by Tommy Walsh) scored a quick goal on Marco. Not to be outdone by Strange Brew, China Syndrome ripped into action with a goal 50 second later. First year Shuley Cupper Jordan Marton stuffed one in the net. Mary Harding and Chris Peterson added to their points column with their assists on this goal. It's a 1-1 game. For the rest of the period, Strange Brew did a great job silencing China Syndrome. With just under a minute to go in the first, Scott Parkin put his name on the scoreboard with assits by Ike Montes and Liz Young. Exciting way to finish the first? Don't get your hopes up, it gets better. Captain Ken scored an unassisted goal just as the buzzer was about to ring. 2-2.

    The second period was a tension filled game as neither team seemed able to find the net. At 3:30 left in the 2nd, Strange Brew took the lead again with Jon Gais' goal. Tommy Walsh netted his second point of the game with an assist. Could Strange Brew hold their 3rd lead? Once again, China Syndrome responded as #13 Matty St Hilaire scored a goal with just 1:20 left in the period (assisted by Mary and Melissa). By the end of the second, both teams are once again tied: 3-3.

    It was hard to say how the third period would play out. Strange Brew had held the lead three different times; China Syndrome had yet to jump out ahead, but they did just that in the 3rd when Captain Ken took a pass from Corrie Hulten to score the team's 4th. Unfortunately for Strange Brew, they were unable to muster another goal, so for the final 10 minutes of the game, both teams were held scoreless.Final Score, 4-3, China Syndrome.

    China Syndrome would move into the 1st/2nd place game with a 3-0 record. Strange Brew would play for 3rd place bragging rights on Sunday.

    Link to Private Shuley Cup Gallery


    Here is a link to all the pictures from Shuley Cup 2010.

    So far, the picture that have been posted are the 2 games from day 1 and 3 of the games from day 2.

    Check back in the next day or so for the rest of the pictures from Saturday as well as the pictures from Day 3 and the awards ceremony!

    Feel free to download them and print them.


    This is the secret link:

    Private gallery for Shuley Cup

    - Jae D. Roh

    jdroh (at)

    p.s. I'd be interested to hear if there are any photos that you particularly like.

    Day 2, Game 4: Schrock rOn! vs Strange Brew

    An interesting matchup as Schrock rOn! played the team it was paying homage to this year, Strange Brew. Jokingly, some of us referred to this game as the "loser's bracket" as both teams were coming in 0-1. None of us was really sure of what to expect.

    Strange Brew set the tone with a Parkin penalty for interference in the first. All eyes were on Schrock rOn! to see if they would capitalize, but no. Successful kill for Strange Brew. If Parkin meant to get his team fired it up, it worked, because 30 seconds after sitting around in the box, his pass to Gais, helped F/D Kevin Donahue find the net. 1-0 Strange Brew!

    In the second, Schrock rOn! (not-surprisingly) notched yet another penalty when Dave Lahr was called for interference. Secretly, Dave Lahr said to me, scorekeeper/commissioner, that he had to get a penalty or his team would fire him for being too nice. Whatever it takes Lahr. Schrock rOn! got pumped up and scored a short handed goal by Tillson with an assist from Bobby Quinn. Does this remind you of the Bobby Quinn penalty from 2009 when Schrock On! scored short-handed? 1-1.

    Sadly, the third period, things started to unravel for Strange Brew as they gave up many odd-man rushes and they watched the goals on their team rack up. [I am running out of time so sorry for the boring writeup] Schrock rOn! tallied up 4 more goals in the 3rd with Bobby notching a hat trick, Jared with a goal and two assists and assists from Cioffi, Eizy, Tillson and team favorite Robin Lubbock. Strange Brew's team did notch one goal in the 3rd from Tommy Walsh (assisted by Jon Gais). Final Score 5-2.

    Saturday, November 13, 2010

    Day 2, Game 3: Finland vs China

    Game 3 was a matchup of Finland vs China. Once again, all eyes were on the ice. Both team were 1-0 coming into the game, one of the teams would skate off happy and confident, the other not so much.

    Puck drop in the first and away we go. Wheeee! First 4 minutes, the teams seemed evenly matched, but China Syndrome's Schrocky put his name on the scoresheet with a nice goal with assists from Mary Harding and Chris Peterson. How did All Finnish respond? With a goal from keeper David "DK" Kenney with an assist by Captain Pauly (his first point of the tournament!). Tied 1-1, both teams skated hard and had their chances, but finished off the period with no additional goals.

    The second period saw a little more action and kept the scorekeepers busy. 2+ minutes in, Ken swooped in for his second of the night, once again with a nice pass from Mary and Jordan. One minute later, last minute All Finnish Game 3 sub, Sasha Panasyuk, was cited for tripping and put in the pen. Fortunately for All Finnish, CS was unable to capitalize during their power play. At 2-1, the game remained very close and competitive. At 3:18, All Finnish's top prospect Mike Kunelius added to his points with an assist from rookie Roman Chicz. This goal only encouraged China Syndrome to react and second year Shuley Cupper (and artistic coordinator) Chris Peterson took a shot from point that found the back of the net (assisted by Ken and Jordan). Second period: 3-2, China Syndrome.

    Third period was filled with tension. Would China Syndrome keep their lead and walk away with a 2-0 record or would All Finnish explode and dominate? It certainly seemed like the game would stay at 2-1. All Finnish had their fair share of opportunities, but excellent backchecking by Ken and solid defense helped keep the puck away from China Syndrome's net. In the last five minutes of the period, there was an explosion of offensive. Ken added to his stats with help form assistant captain Matty St. Hilaire and Parkin member, Todd. Showing no mercy, Jordan got a nice breakaway that Todd Parkin fed to him (Mary Harding started the play). Unlike his other breakaways, he actually scored a goal this time. :) To cap off the team's effort, one minute later, Ken added a 6th goal (unassisted). At this point, the scorekeepers were kept so busy with watching the clock and taking notes that we have no idea how the goals were scored.

    The game seemed practically over when Kunelius netted a nice goal at 16 second left in the period. He thanks Tony Nichol for the nice pass.

    So the final score was 6-3, China Syndrome. Ken is now known as the new Bobby after exploding into action with 5 points for the night. Looks like China Syndrome will make it into the 1st and 2nd place game tomorrow afternoon. Time will tell which game All Finnish will play in.

    Links to pictures taken so far

    Game 1 

    Game 2

    Night 1 at the Pugs

    Night 1, Game 2: Shuley Cup 2010: Schrock rOn! vs China Syndrome

    Billed as the marquis event of Shuley Cup 2010, the second game of Shuley Cup 2010 featured a re-match between the 1st and 2nd place teams. The magnitude of this game was on the level of the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry, the Bruins/Canadiens, you know what I mean.

    Team China Syndrome, wearing fire engine red jerseys, may have been the underdog coming into this matchup. They lost two skaters to the IR due to injuries and illness, but by chance, Captain Ken's trip to China was postponed so he was able to rejoin his team and add his offensive/defensive prowess to his team.

    Team Schrock rOn! had a familiar roster with many returning players from the Championship team. Missing was Matty St. Hilaire who left Schrock rOn! for China Syndrome to try his hand at team management. Wearing the championship blue from 2009, the players looked comfortable and ready for the re-match.

    It didn't take long before Schrock rOn! reminded us of their penchant for penalties. They managed to rack up 4 minor penalties for the game, from 4 different individuals. Good job drafting goons Cap'n Eizy. Jared's 7' stick was accused of tripping in the first period. Payback is a b****. This penalty led to China Syndrome's power play goal in at 6:18. Schrock rOn! alum Matty St Hilaire notched a goal with help from another Sr alum Kieran Klehm and new Shuley Cup player Mary Harding. Nice way to work the power play kids. Later in the first, Bryan Marble was called for interference for the team's second penalty. This time around, the penalty kill was a success and no harm, no foul. By the end of the first, the score was 1-0, China Syndrome.

    Second period was a bit of nailbiter. Sr responded with a goal in the 2nd period by Andrew Rossi with help from the Eizyman himself and Dave Lahr. (Thank you, my fantasy team is pleased.)  Ryan stepped up an notched his own penalty in the 2nd with a tripping call. He came about a hair length's close to getting thrown out of rink when he argued the call and protested with hands a waving. Once again, no harm no foul with this penalty. However, with a minute left in the 2nd period, Todd Parkin put himself on the board with assists from Jordan Parkin (ahem, Marton) and Chris Peterson. Good job guys. End of 2nd, 2-1 China Syndrome.

    Now we've got a game! 3rd period was nerve-wracking to say the least. Schrock rOn's Bobby couldn't help but hook a guy and the team got its 4th minor penalty. Well, at least one thing stayed in common with last year's team. :) Perhaps Bobby remembered last year when he knocked Jeff Mysel into the boards, and his team erupted by scoring a SSG. Not this time.

    China Syndrome's bench finally got a little warming up when Chris Peterson was thrown in for cross-checking. Perhaps he wanted a rest (short one skater) so he opted for the penalty? We will never know.

    Schrock rOn's hopes of getting the W started to fade with with 1:31 left in the game Captain Schrock (after having been denied numerous times by outstanding saves from Reggie the goalie) finally scored on her with help from Mary Hun Harding and Melissa Nuge Parkin. The last minute was a frustrating one for Schrock rOn! who had a hard time controlling the puck and ultimately, the big W went to China Syndrome.,

    Marco put up a great game, as expected, but still no shutout.

    Final Score: 3-1, China Syndrome.

    Night 1, Shuley Cup 2010: All Finnish vs Strange Brew, 4-1

    I've been better -- after months of planning, I decided it was time to unleash and have a good time last night. I am paying for it now.

    Game 1:
    Pauly's All Finnish team was the tournament enigma -- everyone knew they had solid offense, but the lack of natural defensemen made us wonder how effective they would be. Ron's Strange Brew team has been regarded as being well-rounded and solid, especially with defense.This would be an interesting matchup.

    The first period, it seemed that Strange Brew dominated with numerous shots and  a lot of time spent shutting down the All Finnish offense in the neutral zone. Billy Lanzetta played outstanding in net and made some great saves to keep Strange Brew scoreless in the first. At just under 4 minutes into the period, we saw one of our favorites, Roman Chicz, score from a pass by Julian Chu. Readers -- the stands went wild, as did the bench. Even I was shouting Ro-man Chicz! After the initial goal, Strange Brew shut down All Finnish for the rest of the first period.

    In the second period, it seemed the puck dropped and boom, All Finnish put up another on the scoreboard. This time Mr. Tony Nichol showed us why he was the #1 draft pick of Shuley Cup 2010. His unassisted goal was a beauty. All Finnish owned the second period and followed up with 2 more goals. Tony scored his second with help from Mike and Roman. This was followed up by a goal from Mike with assists from Roman and Tony. Clearly, this is the scoring line. Mike, you better step up. Roman's got more points than you.

    Third period the tides turned, Strange Brew returned to shutting down All Finnish's offense. So many missed opportunities from both sides! Last minute goalie sub, Mark Petro had an amazing save on a breakaway AND the rebound. Crazy! Two minutes into the period, Billy's shutout was no more as Will Lewis (an original Beer o' Clock member) scored a goal with help from Jon Gais and Scott Parkin.

    The rest of the period, both goalies stepped up and shutdown the offense from both sides. Despite the 4-1 score, the game was a nail-biter and exciting to watch. Congrats to All Finnish for their first win ever in the Shuley Cup.

    Friday, November 5, 2010

    2010 Charity Information

    This year, Shuley Cup is giving back to the community. All proceeds will be donated to the charity chosen by the 2010 Championship Team.
    To date, we have raised at least $600. We will be holding raffles for donated goods, accepting cash donations, and asking for company matches (one company has committed to matching anything raised beyond the initial $600, capped at $1000). Please check to learn more about Shuley Cup and to track the fundraising progress.

    Marklund enriches the lives of those with special healthcare needs by honoring the unique purpose of each individual. Those served are able to enjoy a full and meaningful life supported by a compassionate, nurturing environment; a strong partnership with the community; and an unmatched dedication to personal growth.
    The individuals Marklund serves come from various situations: some were born with disabilities due to complications during pregnancy and delivery, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, drug abuse, or genetic disorders. Others acquired disabilities during infancy or childhood through tragic but common accidents involving cars, bicycles, skateboards, swimming pools, garage doors, or guns.
    Nearly all those served are non-ambulatory and have severe cognitive deficits. Most also have complex medical problems that require 24-hour skilled nursing care.

    China Syndrome (Ken Schrock and Matt St. Hilaire) – MICHAEL J FOX FOUNDATION FOR PARKINSON’S RESEARCH
    • MJFF is dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease through an aggressively funded research agenda.
    • Michael J. Fox is Canadian and thus loves the great sport of hockey.
    • MJFF is committed to ensuring the development of improved therapies for those living with Parkinson’s today.
    • $0.87 of every dollar donated goes directly to the MJFF mission.  (Crosby-like efficiency.)

    Schrock rOn! (Ryan Eisenberg) – CAMP HORIZONS
    The mission of Horizons is to provide high quality residential, recreational, support and work programs for people who are developmentally disabled or who have other challenging social and emotional needs.
    Horizons recognizes that each PERSON is an individual with unique gifts and talents as well as special needs. They help maximize each person's ability to be more independent and to experience success. They create and manage PROGRAMS designed to help individuals learn and use new skills and experience self-fulfillment. Their programs provide a flow of meaningful, varied activities to promote choice, participation, relationships, and respect.
    They provide a safe, supportive ENVIRONMENT for all program participants and staff.


    Ronnie James Dio was a legendary heavy metal singer for BLACK SABBATH, HEAVEN & HELL, DIO, RAINBOW and ELF and died of stomach cancer on the morning of May 16, at the age of 67. The specific purpose of this corporation is primarily to provide free cancer screening programs and testing to the public regardless of any individual's ability to pay for same, to provide financial assistance to cancer patients who are burdened with the cost of health care. Additionally this corporation may engage in activities that are reasonably related to or in furtherance of its stated charitable purposes or in any other charitable activities.