Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 2 of Shuley Cup '11 - Game 4

Pauly Exclusion Principle vs Viking Horde -- what a matchup! Chatter would reveal that players thought that these two teams were the most balanced. Sadly, VH player Lukas Sullivan had to remove himself from the tournament, but in his stead Ken Simon stepped in. Luke looked very smart and dapper with his coat and tie as he took on the role of Coach.

It started with a bang with PEP flying into the zone at top speed. It seemed early on that PEP was the faster (and waaaay younger) team. At 8:40, Tommy had a breathtaking save as he stretched and laid out. This apparently scared the crap out of the Vikings who suddenly woke up. 27 seconds later, Mr Puma himself (Julian Chu) with linemate Adam on his side scored a nice goal. The momentum continued with another goal just 13 seconds later. This one was started by, Julian who set up Ken Simon who fed JD for the goal. Under a minute later, guess who, Julian Chu! assisted on the goal by Adam for a 3-0 lead. PEP turned up the heat again and kept Viking Horde busy defending their side. The surge paid off for PEP who scored at 2:32. The goal came compliments of Captain Matty and was assisted by Jonathon Gais. End of the first, 3-1 Viking Horde.
Second Period Action! Emma did great to fend off Viking Horde who started the second period strong. Not sure if Adam is anyone's fantasy pick, but he should have been because at 6:51 in the second, he went hard in for the forecheck, stole the puck from Marbles, and then scored. It was pretty impressive. Not to be undone, Ike added goal #4 with an assist from Curt Wells on D just 22 seconds later. The period continued at a fast pace -- PEP had numerous chances and took control of the period, but unfortunately the bounces did not go their way. The entire second half of the 2nd was pretty much spent in and around Viking Horde's zone.

The third started with Kevin Lane in control of the puck. He passed to Liz Young who spied an opening in the net and sank in her of the tournament 10 seconds into the period. At 7:14, Julian found the net with help from recently called up Ken Simon and Adam Stober. As the clock started to wind down, Ike added another goal for good measure. He tipped his hat to partner Kevin Lane for feeding him a nice pass.

Final Score 8 to 1, but the game was a lot closer than that. Kudos go out to 4 pointer Adam Stober and we welcome Ken Simon who sped down from Montreal to make it to the Shuley Cup when he heard he was called up.. how about an, eh?

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