Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2011 Shuley Cup Awards

At long last -- here is a list of the 2011 Bobblehead Awards.

2011 Champions: Viking Horde
*Julian Chu - W
*John Durant - D
*Kevin Lane - C
*Ike MOntes - W
*Mark Rinaldi - D
*Ken Simon - D/W
*Adam Stober - C/W
*Luke Sullivan - D
*Ron Swinnich (captain) - D
*Tommy Walsh - G
*Curt Wells - C/D
*Liz Young - W

2011 Runner-Up: Matty's Team (captained by Ken Schrock)

Shuley Award -- Tournament MVP: Tommy Walsh
The vote to give Tommy the MVP was unanimous. Even non-voters came up to the awards committee to give their two cents on Tommy's performance. Tommy stepped up to play goalie when we were short a netminder. He posted a shutout in his first Shuley Cup game and gave up only 4 goals in 4 games.

Swinny Award -- Adam Stober
Adam received recognition for his 5 point tournament performance. Playing Center and Wing, Adam helped turn opportunities into goals. His efforts were certainly helpful in his team winning the championship.

Denny Award -- Ron Creamer
We really wanted to give Ron the Creamer award but logistically it was difficult to make this happen. Why did Creamer win an award? His goal in Game 6 (Matty's Team vs Viking Horde) was not only the first goal, but the GWG of the game. This goal ultimately defined which team would be in the finals. If Creamer had not scored, it could have been an Eisenberg Uncertainty Principal - Viking Horde matchup in the finals instead of Matty's Team.

Eizy Award -- Dave Lahr
The Eizy Award is typically akin to the NHL "Lady Byng" award for gentlemanly player. Past winners demonstrated clean, unselfish, penalty-free hockey. This year, we decided to award it to a player who modeled his style of play after Eizy. Eizy is known for his antics on the ice from clutching, holding, sitting, face washing, you name it. This year, we felt Dave Lahr's aggressive defensive tactics on the ice made him worthy of the Eizy.

Platypus Award -- Julian Chu
This award was created to recognize a player with offensive prowess. At the end of Saturday night, Julian was the tournament point leader with 5 points. A natural playmaker, in the right place at the right time, Julian finished the tournament with 3 goals and 2 assists.

Schrocky Award -- Andrew Rossi
The Schrockiest Schrock in Schrocksville was Andrew Rossi who scored his first career hat trick in the 2011 Shuley Cup. A goalie turned winger, Rossi's lightning fast moves, his ability to move the puck into the zone, his skill at protecting the puck, and his innate hockey sense make him an asset on any team. This is Rossi's second Bobblehead.

Nuge Award -- Nick Mantia
In Game 5 (Eisenberg Uncertainty Principal vs. Pauly Exclusion Principle), Nick Mantia made an amazing defensive play on Bobby Quinn's breakaway. He successfully caught up to Bobby and made a clean diving play to break up any scoring opportunity for Bobby.

Creamer Award -- Scott Parkin
The key play that made Scott Parkin a front-runner for this award was his power play goal in the finals game. As a defenseman, Scott looks like Mike Green on the ice: Doing his best to light the red lamp, but not forgetting to backcheck and protect his keeper.

Matty Award -- Chris Peterson
In Game 5, Chris Peterson hit the post. In the 3rd place game, he scored a crazy goal where it seemed like all time stopped, he did a little tap dance, hypnotized the goalie, and scored a goal. His moves on this goal got him nominated for this award.

SuperStar Ribbon Award -- Bobby Quinn
We felt Bobby Quinn had to be recognized for his Gordie Howe Hat Trick in the 3rd place game. In addition to this feat, Bobby logged 6 points (3G, 3A) in the tournament. Not too shabby!

Potty Training Ribbon Award -- Ryan Eisenberg
Our very own Eizy has won this award twice now. He led the tournament in penalty minutes and kept his team's penalty box nice and warm.

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