Friday, November 18, 2011

3rd Place Game!

**Apologies for the delayed game summaries**

The Third Place game featured Pauly's Team, Eisenberg Uncertainty Pricipal, and the Real Matty's Team, Pauly Exclusion Principle. With a 2-1 record, EUP was heavily favored to win the contest against 0-3 PEP.

Game started with EUP coming out of the gate strong. Early on in the first, defenseman Nick Mantia got in a fight with the boards and injured his wrist and had to withdraw. This left EUP with nine skaters. Their top line (previously known as the Triple Threat line, renamed the Tour de France line due to their puck cycling abilities) managed to control the puck and the pace of the game. Former captain Eizy drew a holding penalty at 6:20 in the first. He felt shame. With only 3 men on the EUP bench, and a man advantage for PEP, this was PEP's chance to set the tone. They did not capitalize and the power play ended. As the minutes counted down in the first, it was EUP who were the first to light the lamp. Tony notched his 4th goal of the tournament at 3:36. Linemate Mike Kunelius was credited with the assist. Three minutes later, Tony returned the favor to Mike as Mike scored on Tony's assist. End of the first 2-0. It was looking good for EUP.

Between periods, PEP had obviously regrouped. Just over a minute into the period, Bobby Quinn got his name on the scoresheet. Kevin Donahue got the nod for the assist. With a one goal deficit, there was a whole lot of hockey left in this game. At 6:34, the refs stopped the game for an injury timeout. Mike Kunelius and Todd Parkin had a run-in near PEP's blue line. The injury report showed that Mike had suffered a severe knee sprain. He, too, would have to withdraw. Now down two men and the Tour de France line incomplete, it was looking grim for EUP. At 5:33, Jonathon Gais tied it up at 2. Matty assisted on this goal. With momentum on their side, PEP continued to dominate, Chris Peterson scored at 3:40 with help from Bobby Quinn and Corrie Hulten. This would be PEP's first lead in the game. Could they hang onto this slim lead? The period got even more interesting when 14 seconds later Todd Parkin drew a penalty for tripping. (Random Fact: All three Parkins spent time in the penalty box for a total of 9 minutes.) PEP succeeded in killing off the penalty and the period came to an end with PEP leading 3-2.

Third period consisted of constant back and forth action. Still down two men, EUP battled hard against the fresher PEP team. Both teams had several opportunities to score, but neither would give up a goal. At 2:00, Tony scored an unassisted goal tying up the game. Based on how the period had been played, I was convinced the game would go into OT, which meant shootout. Not to be undone, Bobby Quinn answered back just 33 seconds later. Todd Parkin started the play with Jonathon Gais helping out in the middle. I knew the last 90 seconds or so of the game would be intense* with both teams wanting to win this bracket. With just under a minute, there was a faceoff in PEP's zone. Center Eizy and Bobby stood by glaring at each, sticks poised to win the faceoff. As the puck dropped, Eizy threw his gloves down and grabbed Bobby. Bobby followed suit, threw his gloves and both started spinning around trying to pull the other's jersey over his head. Then all of a sudden the three on EUP's bench flew over the boards and both teams were on the ice. I watched in horror as I saw Tony threw his gloves down and race towards Jonathon Gais. These two need to learn how to fight. They started pawing at each other and did a weird little awkward dance. It was at this point the fans in the stands realized that this was no real fight but a fun stunt to lighten the air and add levity to the tournament. Both Bobby and Eizy were charged with 10 minute game misconducts and placed in the penalty boxes.
With only 45 seconds left on the clock, the game slowly rolled to an end.. PEP would win the 3rd place bracket. And team EUP guaranteed themselves the first pick for the 2012. Final score 4-3, Pauly Exclusion Principle.

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