Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2011 Thank you & Acknowledgements

A list of thank you's.. a bit belated.

Melissa Parkin: Right hand woman and COO of SNCF.
Ron Swinnich, Ken Schrock, Matty St. Hilaire, Pauly Huxel: Captains!
Scott Parkin: Legal Advisor to SNCF and had made SNCF possible!
Micah Adler: SNCF board member and inspiration behind making Shuley Cup a charity fundraising event
Denny Mark: Website Overhaul + Database
Ron Creamer: Program Printing
Chris Peterson: Logos/Artwork
Jae Roh: Photography
Ryan Eisenberg: Team Bios
Liz Young/Byron Masi: Raffle Item Solicitation
Steve O'Connor: Jersey logo
Mark Foley/Scott Mulcahey: Officiating
La Hacienda: Venue

Raffle Donations
Ike Montes/Boston Auto Design: Remote Starter Installation
Coolidge Corner Wine & Spirits: 6 Bottle Wine Basket
Mike Vargas: Morton's Gift Card
Julian Chu: Puma Gift Card
Bobby Quinn/Boston Brokerage: House Cleaning Service
SportsWash: 2 free washes
David/Amy Kenney: Assorted books, hockey puck artwork, Red Sox tickets
Todd Parkin: Stanhope Giftcard
Corrie Hulten: BU game tickets
Melissa Parkin/Jordan Marton: Bruins Tickets
Matt Porro: Tikatok kit, game used Axelsson stick
Liz Young, Byron Masi/Toscanini's: Gift cards
Liz Young, Byron Masi/Asgard: Gift card
Melissa Parkin/Arika Bjorkedal: Artwork
Elite Embroidery: Embroidery of SNCF jacket

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