Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 1 of Shuley Cup '11 - Game 2

Only so much daylight left and blogging like there's no tomorrow.. So much too write, so little time.

Last night's 2nd game featured Matty's Team against the real Matty's team. In other words, Team Schrocky vs. Team Matty or Matty's Team vs Pauly Exclusion Principle. It was a close game with a close finish and lots of excitement.

Game started off with a goal by Matty's Team's Andrew "Whiskey 'o Clock" Rossi with an assist by none other than Captain Schrocky. It came after almost five minutes of non-stop end to end action. PUP responded with 3:24 with a Marbles goal and a nod to Bobby for the assist. Tied 1-1 this was getting exciting! As the period was winding down, Dave F and Kieran Klehm sustained simultaneous penalties for interference and tripping, respectively. No man advantage for either team and the clock wound down to end the period. End of the first, tied 1-1. The second would start with Dave and Kieran in boxes, 5-on-5 on the ice.

Second period started off "slow" in the sense that there were no additional goals or penalties for what seemed a while. Then Ron Creamer broke the streak with an interference penalty at 8:41. PP worked their power play, but did not succeed with any goals. However, as it so often happens, after the power play expired PEP did light up the lamp with a goal by Ms. Corrie Hulten! She thanks Bobby Quinn and Matt St. Hilaire for their help on that one. Egged on by the tie game situation, Captain Ken decided to take matters into his own hands and scored a goal just 36 seconds later. Assists to Roman and Rossi. At 5:15, PEP committed the ultimate hockey faux pas with a "too many men" penalty. Good sport Chris Peterson served the penalty. PEP had another successful kill and the game continued until local Bobby turned it up with a roughing penalty at 2:15. Matty's team took full advantage of Bobby in the penalty box and scored just 10 seconds into the power play. Mr Rossi notched himself his first career hat trick. Roman and Jordan got the assists. Rossi celebrated later by buying everyone at the bar several pitchers of beer. By the end of the second, the score was 4-2 in favor of Matty's Team.

Moving onto the third period, things got cozy in the penalty box. Both Ron Creamer and Roman Chicz notched penalties for tripping and interference. Would the Pauly Exclusion Principal take advantage of the 5-on-3 situation?? It was exciting to watch.. especially when Scott Parkin decided he wanted to join Ron and Roman in the box. His penalty time started after Ron and Roman were done so Matty's Team played shorthanded for a full 3 minutes. As luck would have it, defensively minded Matty's Team had a successful kill and the game carried on. The rest of the game would yield no more penalties but PEP was not done scoring. Todd Parkin singlehandedly drove a puck into net with just over three minutes.

Overall it was an exciting game -- and quite honestly, both teams had plenty of opportunities and if you ask me, the game could have had a different outcome. Congrats to Rossi on his first hat trick and also huge shoutout to him on his diving/sliding blocks that potentially saved a couple goals.
Final score: Matty's Team won 4-3.

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