Monday, November 12, 2012

Shuley Cup Finals

2012 Shuley Cup Champions are the Platypus Avengers.

Their story to the top is one to behold. After Pauly's team narrowly missed the finals in 2011 and finished last for the 3rd time -- we weren't sure what 2012 would bring. Going into their 3rd game against Legion of Doom on Saturday night, the Avengers were 2-0 with goalie Tommy Walsh playing like a 2011 MVP. They were certainly looking like the team to beat. 3 periods later, the team in white skated off after having given up 8 goals. No one is sure if the this 8-1 game was a ploy to give the Legion of Doom a false sense of security and confidence. By all accounts, it seemed like Captain Ron would repeat and take home the Cup on Sunday.

The championship game was fast and furious. The first period featured two evenly matched teams. Legion of Doom, known for its combination of stellar defense and strong offense versus Platypus Avengers, known for their insane offensive prowess. In the first period, with 50 seconds remaining sixth round pick and Finnish sensation, Tuomas Yrjola, scored the first goal of the game. 1-0, Legion of Doom.
Then, early in the second period, Mike Kunelius of the Platypus Avengers tied up the game, but three quick minutes later Nick Mantia with help from his linemates Tuomas and Kevin, regained the lead with a solid shot that landed the puck in the back of the net. A short while later, Tuomas got his second of the night making the score 3-1. Things were looking good for Legion of Doom but as most of you hockey players know, a 2 goal lead is one of the most precarious leads to hang onto. The two goal differential re-awoke the Avengers and released the inner Platypi! Kunelius (assisted by Micah) struck again to bring it within 1 goal. Then, as  we passed the "one minute left in the period" mark, Tony Nichol tied up the game setting up the greatest showdown in Shuley Cup history.

The Avengers began the 3rd period with a Parkin penalty but they made their kill look more like a man advantage power play. The Legion of Doom, gassed perhaps from scoring 8 goals the previous night, started slowing down and backing off on their forechecking. At 7:40 left in the period, Paul Huxel took a shot from point and Julian Chu tipped it past Paul Frere for what would become the game winning goal. The Avengers did not slow down or give up. As the clock wound down, Legion of Doom pulled their keeper but to no avail as the Platypus Avengers locked in the game with an empty netter. Congratulations Platypus Avengers!

Scoring Summary
1st period
Legion of Doom0:50 Tuomas Yrjola (John Durant)
2nd period
Platypus Avengers9:23 Mike Kunelius (Tony Nichol)
Legion of Doom6:29 Nick Mantia (Tuomas Yrjola, Kevin Lane)
Legion of Doom4:42 Tuomas Yrjola (John Durant, Ike Montes)
Platypus Avengers3:18 Mike Kunelius (Micah Adler)
Platypus Avengers0:56 Tony Nichol (Mike Kunelius)
3rd period
Platypus Avengers7:40 Julian Chu (Paul Huxel)
Platypus Avengers0:30 Tony Nichol (empty net)

Platypus Avengers0325
Legion of Doom1203

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