Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shuley Cup Awards - The Unabridged Version

For the abridged version, go to the Shuley Cup link:

This year's Shuley Award goes to Paul Huxel. Pauly went through a rigorous training program in Japan to prepare for the 2012 Shuley Cup and it certainly paid off. We hope he shares his trade secrets with everyone. We would like to congratulate Captain Pauly for crafting together not only a championship team but for promoting camaraderie among his players. Note, Pauly did not get this award for gifting Shuley with a  Platypi t-shirt.

The Swinny Award was presented to Ike Montes for his unbelievable performance in the Shuley Cup -- his six assists and nine points led the tournament. The Swinny award is given to the team player who is a playmaker and support player and this year, no one was more deserving than our very own Ike.

There was no question who would receive the Denny Award -- Julian Chu's game winning goal in the 3rd period of the Championship was essential to the Avengers' success. Who knows how the game would have ended? Shoot out?

The Eizy award was also a no-brainer. Bobby Quinn plays with heart and passion and usually shows up on the scoresheet in the scoring and PIM columns. This year however, Bobby Quinn played a clean game and did not accrue any PIMs during any of the 4 games he played.

Finnish sensation Tuomas Yrjola who was a sleeper pick in the Shuley Cup draft earned the offensive Platypus Award for his 7 goals (9 pts) -- a few of them which were breakaway goals. Fantasy owners of Tuomas would also like to thank him for his performance but realize that his salary will probably jump by tens of thousands of dollars next year.

The Schrocky Award (for defensive forward) was presented to a forward who was forced asked to play defense for the Avengers, Micah Adler. Micah held the blue line, protected his goalie and put up 4 points in the tournament.

The Nuge Award for best defensemen went to one of the bearded D on the Playtpus Avengers, Chris Peterson. Chris is not only a phenomenal artist. He also made sure goalie Tommy saw as few shots as possible, helped keep the crease clear of troublemakers, and even made a flying leap and catch to keep the puck in the zone on point. Nice work Chris!

Scott Parkin doubled his Creamer Award bobblehead count by taking it in back-to-back years, a first for Shuley Cup awards. Scott's rushes up the ice to stir up the offense on Rando Babos while still hustling back to cover the defensive zone warranted him this award.

Matty's award went to the spitfire Kevin Lane. Known for his explosive speed, his determination to never give up, his snipey, rapid shots and who couldn't forget his 5 goals -- one of which was a thrilling power play goal.

Fantasy Shuley Cup Awards:
Top Finisher was Adam Stober with a second place finish by Commish Jordan.. nothing fishy there.
Ike Montes was knocked out of second and took home 3rd.
At the very bottom of the pack, Olivia Parkin took home the "I try my best" ribbon for putting in great effort but for little no results.
And the "I like Myself" award went to Rich Lean -- for being picked the most by the fantasy team.

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