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Day 2 Shuley Cup Update (Nov 13, 2009)

Sorry if I ramble on. It's late.

The afternoon games were very exciting and set the stage for some serious team plotting/strategizing sessions:

Schrock On! defeated All Swedish, No Finnish by a rousing 5-1 with some help from Bobby's hat trick. The blue line turned out to be a huge thorn in All Swedish's game plan. I think they broke all records for number of offsides committed by any team. :)

The next game had us on the edge of our seats. Looked like Goannas would cruise to a 2-0 win, but late in the 3rd, Jonathan Su snuck a goal in to break the lead in half. With one minute left on the clock, Ike (with an assist from Jonathan Su) scored to tie the game.

This brought the team records to:
Schrock On! 2-0-0
Goannas 0-0-2
All Swedish 0-1-1
Strange Brew 0-1-1

Later that evening, Strange Brew played All Swedish. Kunelius kept up his theme of gaining a point on every team goal by helping score 4 goals. Strange Brew chipped away and managed to tie up the score. The last 30 seconds were tense as a penalty was handed down to Franky (Strange Brew) for roughing. Game ended in a dramatic tie, setting the stage for an interesting game.

So.. if Goannas lost to Schrock On!, there would have been a three way tie for the 2nd playoff spot. However if Goannas lost AND had fewer than 5 goals, they would not make the finals, but Strange Brew would based on goals scored. BUT if the very defensive Goannas could eke out a win, they would make playoffs. So here's what went down:

Goannas scored 3 goals in under two minutes in the first period. Scrock On! looking not as sharp early on managed only 1 goal in the first. Second period, Goannas notched another goal, but Schrock On! fought back with two more. Just after the 3rd period started, Scrock On! added one more goal, bringing the game to a tie. However, with 4 minutes left Jon Gais (Goannas) scored the game winner and clinched a spot in Sunday's finals. It was an amazing finish.

Finals: 3:40pm Cambridge
Schrock On! vs Goannas

And we did hand out some prizes tonight:
Schrocky award: Chris Peterson (I have your trophy. will trade for the jersey)
Platypus award: Bobby
Runner up to the platypus award: Jonathan Su
Nuge award: Bryan Marble
Eizy Award: Robin Lubbock
Denny Award: Todd Parkin
Swinny Award: Mike Kunelius

Some fun facts:
34 different people earned points
13 different people got penalties. Ryan (originator of the Eizy most gentlemanly player award) had the most penalties. Ryan's team recorded the most penalties as well.
36 goals scored over 6 games
No shutouts were recorded

Those of you not playing tomorrow are more than welcome to come watch the teams play. I'll be sending out another email sometime in the future asking what I can do to improve this if/when I do it again. Looks like people had a good time, so I'd like to have a 2nd annual "Shuley Cup".

Big thanks to the 4 captains whose services I essentially volunteered (ron, ken, pauly, ryan), to Nuge for always getting sucked into helping, to Barb for being team photographer (she would have played but is on injured reserve), tweety for the t-shirt design (come get your thank you gift from me), Lukas for showing me how to run the clock, and everyone else for being incredibly helpful and patient.

I had as much fun as everyone out there. Hope to do it again next year!!

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