Monday, September 6, 2010

1 Day 'til the Shuley Cup (Nov 12, 2009)

Hi Guys,

Hope you're all excited about the weekend. gonna try to keep this short, but there is some important info in here

1. Waivers/Shirts: If you haven't signed your waiver, please show up at the rink by 7:30p (if playing at 8pm) and 8:30 (if playing at 9pm) and sign it before heading to the locker room. Not sure if we'll have access to all 4 locker rooms, btw so teams may have to share. SORRY.

2. Slap shot: People have asked whether slap shots are allowed. Answer: absolutely. This is being run like a real tournament, so keep your heads up, take shots, play hard, play the body. Don't be a douche, puck hog, or unsportsmanlike. I reserve the right to remove people from the tournament, fyi.

3., Those of you bringing white jerseys: We would like to tape numbers on your backs so give enough time before Friday's game for that.. or you won't get credit for goals/assists.. or penalties. :)

4. Several awards will be presented on Sat night AFTER both games, so please try to stick around for that!! The awards are: best offenseman, defenseman, most defensive offenseman, playmaker, gentlemanly player, and clutch performer. A tournament MVP will be announced on Sunday. If you have any input on who should get an award, let me or the captains know.

5. The rink is Everett (in my opinion) is a pain to find. It is on Elm STREET not Elm Road or East Elm.

6, My # in case you want to shoot the breeze, complain, praise, prank call: 617-xxx-yyyy

Let's have some fun.

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